10 Round Straight-Fit Magazines


10 Round Magazine for Tikka, Howa, Remington and Lithgow.

MambaMag is the rebirth of the Lucky Thirteen brand of aftermarket rifle magazines. If you're looking for a Lithgow SA, Remington 7600, Remington 783 or Tikka T3x 10 round magazine, our Mambamags will fit directly into your factory rifle stock.


For Remington 700 or Howa 1500 10 round magazines, we offer our aluminum bottom metal to convert your factory stock to fit our Mambamags. Available in .223 and .308 compatible lengths.


Having more capacity in your mage is much better for precision rifle matches, varmint or predator hunting, or even just plinking at the range. The magazines have a machined aluminum top for durability with a ribbed polymer bottom for control. The polymer mold imprints a number block that can be marked for identifying the caliber in the magazine.



Tikka T3x 10 Round Magazine


Remington 783 10 round magazine

Remington 783 10 round magazines in .223 and .308 dimensions.

Remington 7600 10 round magazine

Remington 7600 10 round magazines for .308 cal.

Tikka t3x 10 round magazine

Tikka T3x 10 round magazines for .223 and .308 cal

Remingotn 700 bottom metal and 10 round magazine

Remington 700 10 round magazines and aluminum bottom metal.